Truck nuts and bolts

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Nuts and bolts are the main joining components of two different materials. Just think, if these were not invented? Horrible know. Same way, just not to make your life horrible, I have come up with the knowledge of nuts and bolts used in the trucks.

MAGNA-GRIP FASTENER: Provides a strong, rattle-resistant, wide grip range fastening solution. Spec them for lower rub rails, steps, roof caps, side sheets and cab assembly.

C6L FASTENER: Made in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. This gives you a high-strength, consistent, non-loosening clamp. And Ideal for corner castings, drip mountings, fender attachments, back and side assembly, radiator mountings and steps. Also available in a stainless clad head for rust free service.

MGP-30 FASTENER: A metal-to-metal low profile fastener effective for tamper resistant trailer door assembly.

MAGNA-BULB FASTENER: Especially suited to high-volume and automatic installations involving thin or low-strength materials such as plastic, aluminum and fiberglass, as well as repair applications in out-of round holes.

MAGNA-LOK FASTENER: A blind side fastener for sheet metal with circle-seal lock that makes it vibration resistant. Available in aluminum, carbon and stainless steel, the Magna-Lok fastener is designed for roof caps, side sheets, corner castings, roof liners and warning light assemblies.

B.O.M. FASTENER: Huck’s structural blind oversized fastener for internal frame supports, mounting brackets, and doors.

HUCKTAINER FASTENER: A two piece fastener designed for fiberglass, plastic and metal-clad plywood to metal fastening. These provide a weather-proof, tamper-proof, uniform clamp.

 MAGNA-TITE FASTENER: An advanced watertight, polymer sealant makes Magna-Tite perfect for oversize holes and repair applications. It’s built in a wide grip range and its large blind side footprint substantially reduces fastener pull-out for installation in thin or low-strength materials such as aluminum, fiberglass and plastic.

HP8 FASTENER: A two piece, Grade 8 fastener designed for permanent installation. Handles tough jobs like cross members, frame assembly, spring hangers and fifth wheels.

HUCK-FIT FASTENER: Huck’s newest Grade 8 fastener with pre – aligning fit-up capabilities. Comparable to the HP8 in frames, fifth wheel assembly and engine mounts. The Huck-Fit fastener offers a removability option.

3/16″Magnagrips (MGP98T)

It is the truck cab repair fastener. Head looks like a Brazier head rivet and comes in short and long grip; 3/16 diameter only in Steel-Zinc plate and in Aluminum.


An offshoot of the older C6L style fastener, the C98LT is still used in stainless steel with polished heads for grilles and a few other decorative spots. These are available in 3/16 inch diameter only in a limited range of sizes.


These locks are Strong, consistent and reliable. Employing a unique solid-circle lock, the Magna-Lok fastener creates an internal lock during installation that virtually eliminates pin push out.


The above explained nuts and bolts or fasteners are used in building or re – building truck body. Wear and tear in heavy trucks is a normal happening. So, to ease you understand the nuts and fasteners truck requires are narrated above.


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