Truck Engine Spare Parts list

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Trucks are one of the major vehicles which play a critical role in countries economic growth. In United States, every year truck carriers generate hundred billion dollar revenue. In such case, the spare parts of the trucks play a vital role while keeping them in good condition. In this article, you will be coming to know about spare parts of the truck engines. Sell Auto Parts gives you the best deal, as a truck owner subscribing to it can be long term beneficiary for you. The forms of the truck engine spares are as follows:

– Cylinder heads

These components of the engine sit over the cylinders on top of cylinder block. It closes in the top of the cylinder, forming the combustion chamber. This joint is sealed by head gasket. And sometimes these heads provide space for the passages that feed air and fuel to the cylinder and that allow the exhaust to escape.

– Rocker arms

In internal combustion engines, rocker arm is an oscillating lever that conveys radial movement from the cam lobe into linear movement at the poppet valve to open it.

– Valve covers

Valve covers are bolted on over rocker arms in an internal combustion engine.

– Cylinder blocks

The cylinder block integrates the crankcase and all cylinders and often some or all of their associated surrounding structures. From the early decades of the commercialization of internal combustion engines, the main parts of an engine such as cylinders, cylinder head, coolant passages, intake and exhaust passages, and crankcase are made discrete pieces that are bolted together.

– Flywheel Housings

Flywheel housing is also known as bell housing that covers flywheel and the clutch or torque converter of the transmission on vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. In some transmissions, the bell housing is an irremovable part of the transmission case. This happens most in the case of front wheel transmission which are much shorter than conventional rear wheel drive transmissions.

– Timing cases

Timing cover or case features universal fitment for block or cover mounted dipsticks and a provision for a mechanical fuel pump. It includes front timing cover seal, dipstick tube plug for a block mounted dipstick, front oil pan mounting studs with nuts and also includes a fuel pump block- off plate, gasket and bolts for use with an electric fuel pump.

– Oil sumps

Oil sump is the lower shell of the oil pan module. There are lots of research have been made on changing and reducing the weight of the pan. Before, these pans used to be of metal and now they are made of nylon for their light weight and no noise characteristic.

– Crankshafts

Crankshaft is a mechanical part able to perform a conversion between reciprocating motion and rotational motion. It translates reciprocating motion of the piston into rotational motion.

– Flywheels

Flywheel is a mechanical device designed to store rotational energy. Flywheels resist the changes in rotational speed by their moment of inertia. Flywheels serve four main purposes. It provides mass for rotational inertia to keep the engine in motion, it is specifically weighted to provide balance for crankshaft, it provides a means to get the engine started and it provides a connection for power transfer between the engine and transmission.

– Pistons

Piston is the moving component that is contained by a cylinder and it is a component of reciprocating engines, reciprocating pumps, gas compressors and pneumatic cylinders, among other similar mechanism. Piston transfers the force from expanding gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft via a piston rod or connecting rod.

– Liners

These are found in the engine cylinders. It is a cylindrical part to be fitted into an engine block to form a cylinder. The function of these liners is to form sliding surface, heat transfer and compression gas sealing.

– Camshafts

In internal combustion engine camshafts are used to operate the valves, which allow the air-fuel inside the cylinder and allows expandable gases to move out from the cylinder. Camshafts allow pushrods to move vertically up and down which allows the opening and closing of inlet and outlet valves.

– Oil pumps

Oil pumps in the internal combustion engine circulate engine oil to the rotating bearings, sliding pistons and the camshaft of the engine. This reduces the friction and hence assists in keeping the engine cool.

– Oil coolers

The combustion engine cooling uses either air or liquid to remove the waste heat from an internal combustion engine. For simple systems, engines use air for the cooling purpose. Water cooled engines use closed loop of water pumped through the engine to transfer the heat to surrounding atmosphere.

– Oil cleaners

Internal combustion engines come across normal processes like operational contaminations, deposits, and carbonization in the oil and lubrication circuits, regardless of the modern diesel or high performance petrol vehicle. These contamination and deposits lead to power losses, increased fuel consumption, increased risk of wear and increased emission. So, use of good oil cleaners during the engine oil change can give good results in your drive.

– Oil filters

Oil filters in internal combustion engine are used to remove contaminants for engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil.

– Oil dipsticks

Oil dipsticks in automotive are used to measure the quantity of liquid in an otherwise inaccessible space, by inserting and removing the stick and then checking the extent of it covered by the liquid.

Oil pressure sensors

To know about oil sensors, you need to know the roles your car’s motor oil is playing. They are: lubricating, cooling and cleaning. For all of this to work the oil has to be kept under pressure. So, to know whether the oil pressure is at the required unit, oil pressure sensor is used.

– Exhaust manifolds

These are the elements which collect the exhaust gas from multiple cylinders into one pipe. In American English, these manifolds are called as headers. These consist of individual exhaust head pipes for each cylinder, which then usually converge into collector.

– Turbochargers

It is a turbine driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engines efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.

– Engine gasket kits

Engine gasket kits are the mechanical sealing rubber rings, which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression.

– Filter kits

These kits reduce the contamination in the engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil used in the truck engines.


The above is the number of parts a truck engine constitutes. And explained components are spares required while you maintain commercial vehicles or trucks. Clear and precise understanding of all these parts of the truck engine will ease the owners in maintenance.

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