Power steering Parts for cars and trucks

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Safety on the road should always be top of mind – so never drive with faulty or damaged steering gear. Maintain control of your vehicle by replacing loose or unresponsive steering gear components with new parts from sell auto parts. Upgraded steering gear lets you take the road with total confidence once again, wherever it may take you.

Worn or wobbly steering gear is an accident waiting to happen. Avoid possible mishaps by watching for signs of defective steering gear – so you can fix it before it fails. If you have to turn your steering wheel multiple times just for your wheels to start to turn, it’s time to take a closer look. Others symptoms of a malfunctioning gear box include a popping sound when turning and a loose steering wheel. Your steering gear can also cause your vehicle to drift to one side if it’s excessively worn-out. Fortunately, a Sell auto part has the solution to all of your steering problems.

To explain the importance of gear box for power steering I would take the example of Chevrolet pick-up truck steering gear box.

The Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Power Steering Gear Box is a vital part of your vehicle’s power steering system. It is enclosed in a metal housing that is usually made of cast iron. The primary purpose of the gear box is to turn the vehicle’s wheels in the required direction. This is done by means of converting the rotary motion of the steering wheel to the linear motion that turns the automobile’s wheels. Two important components, the torsion bar and the rotary valve, help the gear box in its function. The torsion bar is attached to the steering wheel on one end while the other end is connected to the pinion or worm gear. When the steering wheel is turned, the torsion bar gets twisted. This movement is sensed by the rotary valve which regulates the pressurized steering fluid to the rack, thereby turning the wheels in the appropriate direction. If you find a delayed response from the wheels after turning the steering wheel, you should consider inspecting your gear box and replace it, if required.


If you are looking for a genuine Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Power Steering Gear Box, you have come to the right place. Buy Auto Parts has a wide range of steering parts for every car make and model. We sell genuine OEM replacements and premium aftermarket parts at unbeatable prices. Each of our steering parts has been tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

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