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What Is Head Gasket Sealer?

Head gasket sealer is a simple fix between head and bottom parts of the engine portion. By pouring it into radiator cap, it can flow through the coolant system until it discovers the leak. By sealing the leak up you can continue driving your car without heavy mechanical work required.

Gasket sealer is useful in many ways. Your car can literally be fixed within the hour, keeping it on the road. Once fixed, most cars go on to lead happy and reliable lives. It’s especially helpful if you own a vehicle that’s entering the latter stages of its useful life and expensive repair bills just aren’t economically viable.

Now, what is head gasket failure?

Most of the engines are combustion engines. They are made of two separate blocks, namely, cylinder head and the bottom block. Between these two a thin gasket made of steel or cork is located. The head gasket job is to seal this joint and stop water and oil getting into parts they shouldn’t. when the gasket fails or gasket is tore due to wear and tear, coolant water can get into the lubricating oil of the car and also oil/water into combustion chamber, where the fuel and air combust to create momentum.

Symptoms of possible head gasket failure

  • A white/yellow mixture inside the oil filler cap
  • Flat spots whilst driving
  • White smoke from the exhaust
  • Blue smoke from the exhaust
  • Occasional uneven engine tick over

Now, how to fix it?

  • Re-torque the head bolts – sometimes mechanic may not have fixed it properly.
  • Change the head gasket – it’s quite time consuming and money consuming affair.
  • Head gasket sealer – no visit to the repair shop and no expensive bills to partially dismantle and fix your car.

Best head gaskets available in the market now are Blue Devil head gasket sealer and Bar’s leak head gasket sealer.

Take away note

If you are very conscious about its additives wearing out your rubber seals, you can choose a non-toxic sealer. Applying the right sealant is relative. It really all depends on how bad the leak is and the type of vehicle you have. These products are all worth a shot if you want to skip the dirty work.

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