Car interior parts and accessories

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The types of car interior parts can be formulated as below. And their availability on online is also detailed in this article. Some of the interiors are:

  1. Floor mat: This material is placed on the body floor. We deliver appealing products to our customers with a wide variety of materials and design. Sell auto parts facilitate you to find good looking and least used floor carpet for you.
  2. Hardwood floor: It is not conventional carpeting. It is created by hardwood material instead of conventional carpeting. This product succeeds in bringing the comfort of your home into the cabin.
  3. Tibia pad: This polystyrene resin product is installed between the vehicle floor and carpet. In the event of impact, the product acts as an energy-absorbing body that lessens the impact placed on the legs of the vehicle occupants. In recent years, some tibia pads also provide noise absorption/reduction properties.
  4. Headliner: A headliner is a cover which shields the vehicle ceiling. In recent years, this part (of a vehicle) has been equipped with various functions and modularized.
  5. Door trim: An interior component attached to the inner side of the door. This product does more than merely improve the appearance of the vehicle interior. Rather, it is a vital module component that creates a more comfortable interior by providing a variety of accouterments and functions.
  6. Door opening trim: Attached to the periphery of the vehicle body around the door area, this product offers a variety of functions such as impact absorption, sealing of the interior, and an improved appearance.
  7. Door weather strip: Attached to both sides of the door window (the photograph on the left shows a strip for the inner side), this product prevents the entrance of rain water when the window is rolled up and down. It also prevents vibration of the window glass when driving.
  8. Scuff plate ornament: A plastic molding which covers the steel plating of the step area. The design of this component has improved in recent years and now offers features such as illumination of the vehicle name.
  9. Injection molded baffle: Spaces such as pillars are filled with a foam material that reduces noise and helps to create a quiet vehicle interior.
  10. Assist grip: Attached to areas other than the driver’s seat, this product supports vehicle occupants by offering a handhold when entering/exiting the vehicle and when the vehicle is jolting.

Sun visor: In addition to normal use as a sun visor, some products have been equipped with noise-absorption capability in recent years. This helps to create a quiet vehicle

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