Axle shaft parts and their features

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In cases where the rear suspension is non-independent, the type of axle used is either a dead axle or live axleThe former only has to support the weight of the vehicle, where the latter has to fulfill this task and, in addition, contain a gear and shaft mechanism to drive the road wheels.

The axle shaft (half shaft) transmits the drive from the differential sun wheel to the rear hub. The arrangement of a simple rear axle can be seen in the figure, the road wheel attached to the end of the half shaft, which in turn is supported by bearing located in the axle casing. The diagram illustrates the forces acting on the rear axle assembly under a under different operating conditions.

The total weight of the rear of the vehicle may exert a bending action on the half shaft. Furthermore, there is a tendency for the overhanging section of the shaft to be subject to a shearing force.

During cornering a side force acts upon the road wheel which imposes a bending load and an end thrust becomes a ‘pull’. A side force also tends to bend the overhanging section of the half shaft. Finally, under driving conditions the half shaft has to transmit the driving torque which subjects the shaft to torsional stress.

Axle shaft kit comes with the axle bearing, oil seal, wheel studs, and wheel nuts. Axle shafts must be constructed with the durable steel for long lasting performance.

The CV axle shaft transfers power from the transmission to the drive wheels of a vehicle. It is designed to operate at varying angles, constant rotational speeds, without friction and play. The axle shaft is manufactured in accordance with the stringent engineering standards to meet or even exceed all OEM requirements in fit, form, and function. The product features a brand new construction with precision machined and heat treated center-shafts, CV joints, bearings and races.


Axle shaft is the element which connects rear and front drive shaft with the transmission system. It may look like just a lean long rod, but without this your vehicle may not even move a distance of millimeter. So, do take care of the make and the quality of the axle shaft.

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